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Juan Fin - Bass
Robbie Grbavac - Guitar, Backup Vocals
Selvin Cunningham - Vocals
Tommy Ye - Drums


released January 8, 2014

recorded by Eli Heineman in Autumn 2013
artwork by Brandon Cause
gang vocals by A Call For Violence, Eli Heineman, and Skyline peeps



all rights reserved


A CALL FOR VIOLENCE Toronto, Ontario

Stay Negative

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Track Name: Skyline
This is for you.
This for us.
You are my friends.
This is for my family.
Track Name: Traitor
Forever drowning in a sea of shit. I'm fucking done with your tired wit.
Fake hellos and false smiles, you run your mouth for fucking miles.

I give you so many chances, but your time is up.

I think it's time to put this to rest.
It's time to get this off my chest
You are nothing, but empty words.
Your time is up.

I know who I am.
Don't try and tell me otherwise.
I'll sever ties.

Stabbing with your lies.
You snake.
I should have seen your disguise.

Cut the crap or we'll bury you in it.
Oh the irony.
You're dead.

Fake hellos and false smiles, you run your mouth for fucking miles.
Track Name: Don't Need You
If we only knew back then what we know right now.
What a waste of life.
We gave you a chance and you squandered it, but now we don't need you.

Now we don't need you.

It was mistake calling you friend.
You're anything but family.

Now we don't need you.

There is no forgiveness.
There will be no second chances.
Pack your bags and leave or we'll hang you from the exit sign.

You laughed behind our backs.
You threw the wool over our eyes.
A wolf in sheep's clothing?

Well now we don't need you.
Track Name: Your Disease
You turned your back on me.
You turned your back on everyone.
How could you claim this is yours?

This is my declaration.
Prepare for fucking war.
Just when I thought that I could trust someone.
That crooked smile.
You live your life in denial.

Dead eyes and lifeless words.
Everything you do turns to cancer.

Spread your disease.
I fucking dare you.

I thought I believed in you, but I guess I just believe in ghosts.

Your fall. Your end.
Fuck the metaphors.
Track Name: Constant Strife
It's over, we've had enough of you.
It's over, it's time to even the score.

We're through with all your nonsense.
An unimaginable consequence.
You were our worst idea.
Everything in a person I fear.

Your world's a constant strife.
You don't deserve your fucking life.
(suicide solves everything. stay negative)

This is song personifying pure hate.
This is song personifying pure rage.
This is song personifying blind hate.

This is your end where my chapter begins.
Track Name: Funeral Hymn
Always die fighting.
I'll never let you win.
Your way of life is a losing game.
You deserve a world of pain.
You're a liar and a damn cheat.

You've lost control.
A wandering soul among real men.

Back the fuck out of here.
We better not see your bullshit again.

We're calling you out.
We're naming names.
Your reign is over.
Things can never be the same.

We'll burn down your houses.
We won't care who's trapped inside.
You threw us under the bus, now we toss you over a bridge.
We'll take away all you adore.

No help.
No peace.
No fucking future.
You have no hope.
Your burial is your only cure.

I hope they piss on your grave.
I hope they gouge out your eyes.
We'll sever the tongues of anyone who tries to say goodbye.

This is your funeral hymn.
Your fucking time is up.